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Block Paving
Block Paving

At A.W Fencing and Driveways Ltd we think preparation is important when starting on a block paving project. It is crucial to prepare thoroughly to ensure the project is carried out to the highest standards possible. Good preparation can influence the final cost of the overall project. If preparation is carried out correctly then the project will be on time and overall costs will be significantly reduced because there will be low material wastage, less labour and a high standard finish.

We ensure that drainage is considered when building a block paving driveway. Drainage is an important factor to consider when constructing any driveway because if there were no drainage systems then this could result in dangerous puddles of water, cracks in the paving or flooding and would result in the need to dig up the driveway and start the whole project again in later years. To avoid this you need professionals to carry out a thorough job to make sure your block paving lasts a lifetime.

Here at A.W Fencing and Driveways Ltd we ensure that all groundwork is levelled correctly using the latest tools and technologies. Specialist tools that cut brick precisely also helps to create the highest level of finish.

Block paving is one of the most popular materials for drives and paths. It is cost effective, durable and can be laid in many patterns, colours, styles and finishes. It can also be easily maintained, and in cases of stains and damage, individual blocks can be replaced.

We use high quality concrete paving blocks as standard, which are available in many styles and colours. These products are constructed to the highest industry standards and will look impressive for years. We can install standard blocks, or paving sets, and have the creativity to ensure you have a driveway, patio or path that is the envy of your whole neighbourhood.

Random Rumbled Sets

There 3 sizes available in combined or separate packs, enabling us to create a variety of laying patterns. They are also available in different colour schemes.

Standard Block Paving

Available in 10 different colours with matching kerbs and edging available.

A typical block paving installation is detailed below.

Construction of a Block Paving Area


We dig the surface area out to a depth of approximately 250mm. This allows for the depth of the paving blocks, 40mm of grit sand and 150mm sub-base stone rolled and compacted. All weeds and other unwanted materials are removed, and we excavate and re-fill with compacted sub-base stone.

Edge Course

Once we have completed the sub-base, we will install the edging courses and drainage. The perimeter edges of the paving can be laid in a different colour, or even a different block, and is laid on a concrete bed.

Paving Layer

We lay the paving blocks directly onto a bed of coarse grit sand approximately 35-40mm thick; which has been thoroughly compacted.

We use an interlocked 90o Herringbone pattern creating a firm surface. It is possible to lay a style of the customer’s preference but herringbone is usually the top choice. We mix up the packs of blocks to ensure there is no spotting or stripes of similar shades. This is very important with brindle and multi-coloured blocks. Other patterns can be used for different types of block, plus areas of low foot-traffic areas such as paths and patios.

Cutting In

When all the blocks have been laid we ‘cut-in’ all the areas not filled with whole blocks. This produces the perfect finish and enables us to carry the pattern across the whole area. This is often the most time consuming part of any project as each block has to be cut precisely to produce a tight fit. If you have drain covers we use a block paving tray that enables us to cover the drain so that it blends in with the other paving. This tray is removable to allow easy access to the drain.


Once the whole area is completely paved we then brush in kiln dried sand over the whole area resulting in a perfect finish.

Please have a look at our case studies page for previous examples of our work.


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